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Assembly Planner - 2024-25


Assembly Planner - 2023-24

Morning assembly in schools is one of the most important elements of the school curriculum. Well planned assemblies can contribute greatly to academic and behavioural excellence in any school and we make full use of this potential. This speaks to the issue of discipline.  

Assembly provides a calm, settled start to a day of learning.  It puts the students into a reflective mood and prepares them for the classroom.
Assembly fosters a sense of community and a positive ethos.  During the ceremony values are passed on to students. They learn, among other things, cooperation, honesty, respect for self and others, diligence, perseverance, punctuality, the importance of excellence in all school activities, respect for rules and they are given moral and spiritual guidance for everyday life as well as an awareness of pressing social issues.

Excellent performances by students, in all school activities, are showcased during this time and meritorious student efforts are publicly recognized and reinforced with praise and awards. This takes place in the presence of the full student body and the younger ones are given goals to aim at. 

At TCDAV PS, Morning Assembly is conducted in two groups :

  1. LKG - II (Mother teachers, class teachers and Academic Supervisor are responsible to conduct this assembly on regular basis).
  2. III - XII (House Master / Mistress, House Captains / V. Captains, House Prefects, Assembly Incharge & House Co-ordinator are responsible for assembly. Responsibility is assigned House wise / week).

Important elements of Morning Assembly at TCDAV PS :

  1. Chanting of Gayatri Mantra.
  2. School Prayer (Hindi / English).
  3. Thought for the day (Hindi / English).
  4. News (Gujarati & English).
  5. Short Speech.
  6. GK  questions (Minimum 10 - 15 questions / day).
  7. B’ Day song for students.
  8. National Anthem.
  9. DAV Anthem.
  10. Special assemblies are organised on days of National / International importance.


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