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Co-Curricular Activities  

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For the overall development of a child, curriculum is not only the single criteria. The holistic growth as well as to develop the various facets of personality development of children; classroom teaching should be supplemented with co-curricular activities. These out of class activities affect all domains of life such as cognitive (intellectual), emotional, social, moral, cultural and aesthetic. At TCDAV , we provide ample opportunities to our student to participate in all specially designed co – curricular activities at different levels i.e Primary / Secondary / Sr. Secondary

Co curricular Activities in Primary School

  • Recitation, Simple story writing, Play, Parade, Music, Dancing, Drawing, Painting, Fancy dress, Folk Dance, Assembly, Reading, Scouting

Co curricular Activities in Secondary / Sr. Secondary School                               

  • Painting, Dramatics, Exhibition, Fancy dress, Folk Dance, Folk Songs, Assembly, Students’ Council, Celebration of Religious, National and Social , estivals, Cultural Programmes, Reading, Picnic, Visit to Museum, Zoo etc., School magazine, Clubs, Seminar, Library work, Sports and Games, Indoor and outdoor athletics, Mass drill, Parade, Music, Dancing, Drawing, Painting, Dramatics, Exhibition, Debate & Discussion

NOTE : Please see school event calendar under link “ACADEMIC“ for further details.

Co-Curricular Activities Results
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