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Career Counseling  

Tata Chem DAV Public School is a senior secondary school, where students from different socio economic  groups are studying with different expectations of the group and society  but  Individual expectation and interests are equally important. Guidance and counselling plays an important role in preventing educational, personal, social, mental emotional and other similar problems among school students. The students are not so mature  to critically evaluate baffling situations are continuously faced with. They seek somebody’s help in the solution of problems and thus avoid tensions , stress  and conflicts. The need for guidance and counselling in modern times has increased because of the multiplicity of problems that the individuals have to face in the various spheres  of life. In a democratic country like India every citizen has to play a pivotal role in the development and growth  of the nation. Therefore, it is generally accepted  that a citizen must be educated in such a way that it would develop certain desirable life skills.  It may enrich his intellectual and social skills helpful to lead a purposeful and successful life. Life skills based education helps children understand themselves, their friends and their world.

How does Career counselling help  a student ?

  1. Helps them identify their interests
  2. Lets them decide their preferences
  3. Helps them in setting a target
  4. Lets the students co-relate between their current studies and planned careers
  5. Helps parents to plan for the career which is suited for their kids
  6. Helps the teachers in directing the students for their targeted careers
  7. Decentralization of a particular stream of education
  8. Job satisfaction in future, resulting in better productivity
  9. Their route towards earning is made short
  10. No depression and work stress in future

TCDAV PS, invite resource persons / professionals to conduct career counselling sessions for students especially for classes 9th onwards. This is right age group when students  plan journey for their career.  We always give more preference to the individual’s interest and his / her potential to achieve the set target. In 2015-16, we had organised  four such sessions and in current session (2016-17), we have organised three sessions of career counselling for senior classes. 

TCDAVPS Career Counsellor 

Mr. Madhao Sarode, TGT Mrs. Indu Bajpai, PGT
Sr.No. Topics and Counsellor Photos
1 Orientation Programme on Money & Banking Conducted by Mr.Dudhani(HDFC Bank Mnager,Mithapur) Click Here
2 Financial Management Conducted by Mr. Bharat Sachdev(TCL C.A.) Click Here
3  Orientation Program on Career Opportunities with Indian Navy Click Here
4 Career Counseling Session for Students and Parents 2023 Click Here


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